Project & Contracting Management

The main function of the Project Management Office (PMO) is the organization, scheduling, and daily maintenance of our client’s projects, these include the following:

  • Establishing project scope
  • Estimating needed resources
  • Creating project schedules and milestones
  • Creating project specs and other documentation
  • Managing project resources
  • Budget analysis and control
  • Managing project risk, and preventing cost overruns
The successful PMO performs these core activities related to the project Implementation:
  • Assesses and improves project management throughout the organization.
  • Standardizes project management practices throughout the organization.
  • Improves communication so that senior executives and stakeholders know project status.
  • Improves communication and decision-making, so that projects achieve strategic objectives
  Detail of Role PMO
Responsibility Responsible for no particular projects, or directly responsible for many projects, but not just one project.
Duration An ongoing business activity.
Reporting Collects and delivers project information about all projects in an organization, to executives and stakeholders.
Assistance Provides support, guidance and direction to functional units.
Strategic Alignment Ensures that all projects follow standards mandated by executives and are inline with client's strategic objectives.