Banking and Capital Markets

The recent economic crisis has highlighted the importance of risk management, as well as public regulation of the private sector and cost control programs. Leading Point provides high quality services, aimed at mitigating the risks of trading in global banking and capital markets. Our multinational investment banking teams are managed by partners with extensive experience around the world, maintaining relationships with a variety of significant market players, regulation experts and industry heads. We gear our deliverables to the needs and desires of each individual client, as well as focusing on core, vital issues, such as:
  • Growth: An essential component of worldwide operations. As in recent years there have been relatively few large scale mergers and acquisitions, one of the most significant challenges to capital markets arises from hedge funds, bringing a significant level of instability to this market, hindering growth.
  • Performance: Advice towards stakeholders in capital markets has frequently focused on expanding growth within the sector, as opposed to minimizing costs, managing individuals and improving efficiency (although recent events have revealed the necessity of such measures).
  • Governance: Internal regulation, solid governance and consistent reporting are vital to any sector where there is significant risk. Again, recent events have revealed the necessity of such measures, and the consequences of ignoring them.