Induction & Orientation Training Programs

The Need

Induction and orientation training programs for new employees are essential these days for all companies in order to ensure that the new employee can adopt the new working environment fast with ease and comfort.

The Induction and orientation training programs benefits are explained below:

A) Benefits to the company:

  • It creates a positive perception of the organization and an understanding of the corporate culture, values, vision, mission and goals.
  • It can set a precedent for ongoing training, by showing the employee that the organization is serious about developing his skills to perform his job competently.
  • It can also helps in motivating the existing employees who are included in the process.
  • A good induction program can also help in cutting down recruitment costs as new staff is more likely to give longer term commitment to the organization.
  • Can benefit from the insights, objectivity and fresh ideas of a new employee. A new employee can also give insights onto how the company is perceived externally.

B) Benefits to employees:

  • Feel welcomed and comfortable (building relationships)
  • It confirms the employee's decision to join the organization.
  • It helps to build self-esteem, morale and motivation.
  • It establishes good communication and relationship between the employee and his supervisor from the first day.
  • Makes the employee familiar with the corporate environment, rules, systems and regulations.

Leading Point Process

  • The Induction Program is the process by which a new employee learns about, and becomes part of the company. The program applies to all newly appointed employees with no exceptions. It provides the necessary information, resources and motivation to assist a new employee to adjust to the work environment as quickly as possible. It also shows that the company is committed to the new staff member.
  • Beyond the training in skills and tasks required for their specific jobs, recently-hired employees need an induction to the policies, customs and expectations of the company as well as general regulations regarding Saudi Law. People are most open to learning in the first few days on the job, even the first few hours of the first day. This is the best opportunity to pass on a positive vision of the company's culture and positioning it as “Best People, Best Place”.
  • The role of a new employee's supervisor in the induction process and development of the employee is very important. Induction Program if implemented effectively has the potential to reduce turnover, absenteeism and boost morale.