Water Treatment
Ecotilities corporate values include putting people first, eliminating waste, and helping humanity through eco-friendly water, sanitation and energy.
Ecotilities strives to create self-sustaining, purified and affordable water and sewage infrastructure for public and private utilities. We take a systematic approach to our operations including hiring the “best and brightest” through a “selection criteria” approach, quality control manufacturing, just-in time inventory management, and intellectual property protection through a renowned patent attorney.  We pride ourselves on the highest levels of ethics and integrity.
The Ecotilities Advantage
Our patented Ecosweet WMU Water Treatment System and Ecosewage WMU uses physics instead of chemistry to purify water and wastewater.
These Water Management Unit systems provide Grade “A” Water with greatly reduced geographical and carbon footprints and with reduced maintenance costs.
1)  Capital costs priced at 30 to 50% below competitors.
2)  True scalability requiring no centralized facilities.
3)  Treatment of micronic contaminants smaller than 1 nanometer.
4)  Low pressure and low energy inputs (temperatures under 50 degrees Celcius) requirements, no filtration or chemical additives necessary, which reduces operating costs by 50 to 80%.
5)  Low cost approach to treatment of stormwater runoff and surface waters such as bore holes, rivers, lakes, and well water.
6)  Huge cost savings for water compared to reverse osmosis and for wastewater compared to membrane bioreactor systems.
7)  Saves on road and traffic infrastructure costs by not requiring new water and sewage lines linked to a centralized facility.

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