Leading Point offers these services

Management of Real Estate Projects

With customized concepts and professional  implementation, we secure quality, costs , schedules , and improve the value-add of your property throughout its life-cycle. As well we are able to launch projects, evaluating risk, architectural design, planning, preparation of an action plan, creation and management of the project team, and finalizing the project.

Time Management of Projects Implementation

Leading point can help with Scheduling of projects, determining implementation requirements, following up and controlling the progress and implementation of projects on a regular basis, avoiding reasons of delay, setting procedures for progression of projects, preparation of projects’ progress reports.

Management of Projects’ Cost:

Preparation of projects’ budgets, calculation of cost, cost reduction studies, preparation of cash flows, reviewing and accreditation of contractors’ findings, assessment and study of variables, studying contractors’ claims.

Construction Management:

Developing construction plans, organizing the schedules set for clarifying the progression and the construction of projects, selection and employment of contractors, concluding agreements with workers, monitoring the work of supervisors and workers.

Management of Contracts

The importance of contract administration to the success of the contract, and to the relationship between customer and provider, should not be underestimated. Clear administrative procedures ensure that all parties to the contract understand who does what, when, and how.

Leading Point assures an accurate assessment of needs helps create a clear output-based specification. Effective evaluation procedures and selection will ensure that the contract is awarded to the right provider.


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