Asset Management

Leading Point strives to provide an elite level of service, in the field of asset management. Leading Point offers asset management advice for many economic sectors, including but not limited to the provision of medical care, ICT and computer issues.

Our asset management specialists perform a wide variety of services, including, but not limited to, contract disagreements, litigation, asset performance indicators, estimating the value of lost assets, and assessing competition levels, within various markets.

Leading Point also offers its services (such as brokering, property and asset consulting, as well as receiverships) to those involved in real estate activities, including owners, lenders and investors.

The Leading Point staff are experienced in many different fields, within brokering, such as commercial, industrial, office retail and leisure projects. Leading Point’s real estate consultancy is centered on leisure and high end residential projects.Other services the company offers, within asset management, include feasibility studies, developing designs, financial management and restructuring, and positioning assets within the market.