Part3-Leading Point Consulting LTD

6. Making Independent Project Reviews

  • Conduct planned, in-depth, quick-response appraisals of project performance at key milestones to give owner's management an unbiased picture of strengths and weaknesses of the project.

7. Emphasizing PM planning and safety

  • Implement comprehensive planning of the entire process to provide basis for safe and effective worksite activities.

  • Perform specialized Safety Execution Planning, to provide specific worksite safety programs in appropriate depth and breadth to meet owner's safety goals.

8. Staffing the Owner's Project Team

  • Filling Project Manager and other PM Team leadership positions.

  • Filling PM Team gaps to meet functional or time requirements.

  • Fielding a complete PM Team.

Examples of Completed Work
  • Here are a few examples of assignments in project management services that we have successfully completed:

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