part3-Energy and Natural Resources

Enterprise carbon and energy management

One of the methods meant to promote environmental sustainability is the implementation of a carbon energy management system, which will allow the firm to accurately gauge its energy usage, as well as determine the true opportunity costs of energy usage. No other software application focuses entirely on energy usage and environmental care.Leading Point is able to utilize such software, in order to measure the energy usage of any organization, as well as the environmental impacts of such energy usage. It is through utilizing this system that Leading Point bases its recommendations, on developing sustainable energy options. This system also allows Leading Point to understand the true costs of environmental externalities, allowing firms to make the proper decisions with regards to energy usage, and its impacts on the environment.However, it should be noted that environmental sustainability must be achieved in conjunction with financial and economic sustainability. The services offered by Leading Point will ensure environmental sustainability, without sacrificing profits, growth or market share.

Global expansion optimization


No firm can remain static in the long term; every firm needs to expand its base of operations, and expand into other markets, in order to survive. Optimization is, intuitively, the process by which a company maximizes its advantages and potential, while minimizing its negative aspects. Combining these two strategies, Leading Point will assist firms in the optimal strategies for expansion, taking into detail the necessary considerations of the new markets and economies that the firm will be expanding into. Leading Point will assist in not only understanding the new market, but also developing optimal strategies for increasing revenue, minimizing operational costs and increasing innovation, within the firm.

Leading Point’s innovative staff will be able to find the optimal expansion strategy, for any economy, or for any market, by analyzing all the relevant factors and parameters, of the expanding company and target market.