part5-Energy and Natural Resources

Energy Consultancy & Procurement

Leading Point has in-depth knowledge of energy usage, understanding the demands and requirements of each industrial sector, offering clients solutions in terms of minimizing energy consumption, while at the same time maintaining quality and efficiency. Leading Point’s experience in the fields of electricity, natural gas, fossil fuels and renewable fuels allows Leading Point to offer accurate, timely recommendations, allowing the firm to minimize costs and maximize shareholder value. Leading Point has experience with energy sector issues, both in the public and private sectors.

Integrated supply chain management

The supply chain is the chain by which raw materials are converted to final products, from the processing of the raw materials, to those who develop the product and pass it on to each stage of the delivery process (factories to warehouses to retailers and finally to clients) It is in supply chain management that a firm can maximize its tactical and strategic potential, allowing the firm to offer maximum value to the customer.

Leading Point is capable of analyzing a firm’s supply chain, recommending applicable changes, or developing a new supply chain from the beginning. Leading Point will examine such factors as suppliers, transportation methods and routes, production processes and facilities, storage facilities and so on. Then, Leading Point will develop planning and scheduling for the firm, so as to ensure that the firm maintains current levels of production, or improves them.