Part6-Energy and Natural Resources

Strategic planning, control and modeling

Strategic Planning encompasses the goals, aims and focus of the firm; it is an essential component of any firm’s functions. Leading Point’s experience will ensure that any guidance in strategic planning will lead to improved efficiency and revenue. Leading Point recognizes the importance of this tool, and thus has developed a system to determine each firm’s strengths and weaknesses, in conjunction with competitors abilities. Leading Point will analyze a client’s day to day running, ensuring that its daily operations are in harmony with the firm’s strategic plans, and if not, to offer solutions to align day to day operations with strategic plans ensuring that the policies of the various departments of the company are unified, instead of scattered and disconnected.

Change management

Change management is an important component of any business environment. It is the process by which firms empower their staff to adapt to new business environments. It also aims to ensure that changes are performed in an organized, controlled and efficient system, so as to bring about the most from change.

Leading Point can determine the company processes or practices that are damaging to the performance of the business, and develop new processes and practices, designed to minimize wastage and improve productivity. Once the changes have been agreed upon (which will include changes to technology, employment structure and operational facilities), the firm will then offer predictions, regarding the impacts such systems will have on the company. Leading Point will also assess the impacts of the changes, after their implementation, gauging employee motivation, and should employees see the changes in a negative light, address the situation. The final stage will be a point where both the management and staff are content with the changes, and performing effectively.