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Biotechnology has generated a wide range of products, benefiting a number of economic sectors, including but not limited to, food generation, medical products, cleaning products and waste treatment.

Leading Point is able to assist firms in the biotechnology sector, by recognizing new technologies, organizations and other advances in the biotechnology sector. Leading Point is able to develop an expansion strategy for the sector, along with helping clients in managing partnerships, joint ventures, acquisitions and licensing strategies. Leading Point can also assist in forming laboratories and other essential facilities.

Medical Products and Diagnostics

The provision of medical supplies, products and diagnostic instruments is an essential component of any nation’s sustainability. These range from simple pharmaceutical products to essential medical tools.

Leading Point analyzes the management of medical care firms and facilities, performing diagnostics of their operating procedures, after which it generates new operating structures for firms in the sector, at competitive prices. Leading Point will also perform corporate design optimization, thus leading to the creation of a supply chain appropriate to the scale of the company’s operations.

Animal Health

Many pharmaceutical facilities also have animal health applications (for example, farm animal health). Leading Point assists clients in exploring markets for animal health products and services.

Leading Point also capable of creating portfolio strategies, along with solid research and development programs, as well as search for new drugs and animal care methods, in order to meet the demand for animal care.

Medicine Patient Information Leaflets

Any information regarding pharmaceutical products, wherever it may be found (whether on the product itself, on a leaflet, website or other source), must conform to international standards. It must pass ‘user friendly’ tests in order to show that the average consumer can understand the information therein.

Leading Point is able to write and test information documents (whether leaflets or other formats) for pharmaceutical products. This is to guarantee that the pharmaceutical product will be utilized in a safe manner, for its proper purpose, and that consumers understand both the intended effects and side effects of any pharmaceutical product.

People and Change Management

Obtaining the maximum possible output from a firm’s employees is one of the paths to maintaining a firm’s competitive advantage. While effective strategies, organizational structures and the proper usage of technology are all essential, they are not enough to maintain productivity and growth. It is the employees and management of the firm that have to research, experiment and implement the methods for positive change.

Leading Point is able to assist in the restructuring of a firm, so that the capabilities of the staff and leadership are properly harnessed, in line with the firm’s strategic objectives. Leading Point will assist clients in matching the correct individuals (based on skill levels) to the right position in the company.

An effective R&D strategy

Research and Development (the generation of new products and services) is more essential today than ever before, due to increasing consumer demand, varieties of taste, and competition. Consistent R&D is vital, in order to keep a pulse on consumers, thus providing the accurate data needed to modify firm products, services or policies. The most significant R&D focuses on long-term issues, and is designed with specific aims in mind.

Leading Point is capable of providing the pharmaceutical sector with the R&D it needs to expand and thrive. Leading Point is also capable of assisting firms in the improvement of their R&D capabilities, as well as assist in human resource management (within the R&D Department), capable of boosting the effectiveness of this department significantly

Risk management strategy

Risk management is a strategic safety program designed to decrease product risk by using one or more interventions or tools . it provides methods to identify risks that could affect the safety, quality, reliability, or durability of a product, process or program and organizes the risks in order to evaluate them and plan appropriate responses. Sometimes this is referred to as a “Hazards Analysis” which is often used in conjunction with a “Failure Modes and Effects Analysis.

Here at Leading Point we submit for every product an approval to consider how to minimize risks from the product’s use. We may include product labeling, risk assessment, pharmacovigilance, and special studies or interventions. In addition we evaluates the priority and severity of an identified risk that threatens the safety, quality, reliability, or durability of a product, process, or program. By which these Evaluation Techniques allow the project team to assess the risk relatively quickly and to organize the team for subsequent action.


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