Services Offered

Organization Restructuring

Leading Point has extensive experience in organizational restructuring, both in the public and private sectors. Leading Point will be able to offer solutions to any problem regarding the organization’s efficiency, capability or employee performance, increasing the firm’s value and revenues. Leading Point will be able to offer restructuring strategies that will lead to long term improvements in liquidity, revenues and cash flow. Such restructuring will allow firms that are not performing at their optimal levels, to improve their strategic, managerial and financial components, thus in the long run, improving performance and shareholder returns.

Corporate Strategy

Leading Point helps companies develop their future growth and expansion strategies by capitalizing on their brands, products and partners. Our professionals will take your company through the whole process, starting from the initial vision to each individual task, ensuring a sound long term strategy for your company.

Chain and Performance Management

Leading Point has significant experience in the field of Change Management and Performance Management and has worked with several clients before on areas related to change either in the culture of the organization or in the people or in the system and tools utilized within these organizations. Our experience in the Change Management and Performance Management concentrates on the following areas: Balanced Scorecards; Six Sigma; and Key Performance Analysis.


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