Telecommunications operators are facing the challenges of growth, convergence, business transformation, technological change and increasing regulation.

Telecommunications operators choose Ernst & Young because they value our industry-based approach to addressing their assurance, tax, transaction and advisory needs. They know that they’ve much to gain from our clear understanding of the opportunities, complexities and commercial realities of the telecommunications industry — wherever in the world they’re operating. What gives us this understanding is our Global Telecommunications Center. Operating from Paris, Africa, Beijing, Delhi and San Antonio, the Center brings together people and ideas from across the world, to help you address the challenges of today — and tomorrow. You benefit from our insights on key trends and emerging issues — whether relating to next generation services, infrastructure sharing, outsourcing, revenue assurance, operational efficiency, regulations, future growth markets or mergers and acquisitions. So you can react to trends in a way that improves the financial performance of your business.

Staying competitive requires navigating risk It takes a lot of hard work and follow up to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace, as we help our clients to get. Our Financial Services at Leading Point rated as an elite service, as we offer a wide range including market, credit, and operational risks.