Training Needs Assessment

The Need

  • The main aim of any form of sales training course is to increase sales. This can be achieved by encouraging salespeople to use skills and sales techniques that have been proven time after time.
  • A secondary important aim is to increase the salesmen motivation to help them sell more professionally. As they sell more, their commission raises more.
  • Sales Training Academy is looking for qualifying salesmen through most updated technical and soft skills training to gain immediate ROI and long-term sustainable change. In short term, this Academy builds processional salesmen.

Leading Point Process

  • Conduct training needs assessment on two levels : job and individuals for all sales force staff
  • Determine needs that can be met by training interventions
  • Identify training topics
  • Design process & procedures guide for Sales Academy
  • Determine roles and responsibilities for Sales Academy
  • Develop rewards & incentive system
  • Set goals, objectives, vision, mission, values and slogan
  • Identify and develop field Trainers
  • Design and develop all Sales Academy trainings packs.
  • Design evaluations, tests & quizzes forms to measure:
  1. Trainees reaction
  2. Trainees knowledge & learning
  3. Trainees performance & behavior progress
  • Develop the Sales Academy Training Calendar (per branch, per course).